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Hellgreaser supporting BZFOS on their "Summoning Fiends" Tour in January 2024

Hellgreaser supporting BZFOS on their "Summoning Fiends" Tour in January 2024

BZFOS Hellgreaser Summoning Fiends Tour

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We have great news!
We are happy to announce that we will be supporting the incredible Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space on their "Summoning Fiends" tour in January 2024! We will play six shows together in Germany and we are really looking forward to celebrate with you!

A huge thank you goes out to BZFOS and Hamburg Records for making this opportunity possible for us. We really appreciate it!

Tickets for the shows are already available, you can order here:
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So grab your tickets, bring your friends, and let's have an unforgettable time together!

Go Hellgreaser, go!

11.01.24 Hannover | Faust
12.01.24 Hamburg | Logo
13.01.24 Leipzig | Hellraiser
25.01.24 Nünberg | Z-Bau
26.01.24 Wuppertal | Börse
27.01.24 München | Backstage

more BZFOS Shows (without Hellgreaser):

02.09.23 Attnang-Puchheim (AT)
30.11.23 Frankfurt - Nachtleben
01.12.23 Kaiserslautern | Kammgarn
02.12.23 Essen | Don´t Panic
09.12.23 Wien | Arena (AT)


New Music Video - Go Hellgreaser Go - out now!

New Music Video - Go Hellgreaser Go - out now!

The Wave Gotik Treffen 2023 is over and we want to sweeten your journey home with a new video!
We collected some footage at our gig last year and used it for a video for "Go Hellgreaser Go"!
Please leave us a like and share the video, it helps us enormously!


Greensleeves split with The Crimson Ghosts, single and video out today!

Pre-order "Greensleeves" split with The Crimson Ghosts, single and video out now!

Hellghosts Greensleeves Preorder

New digital single and Video "HELLGHOSTS - Greensleeves" is out today on all major platforms! Watch the Video on YouTube!
Hellgreaser and The Crimson Ghosts have joined forces as HELLGHOSTS to transform the traditional English song "Greensleeves" into a horror punk anthem with completely new facets - including a vocal duet by Slaughter Lamb (Hellgreaser) and Vlad (The Crimson Ghosts).

Save the date:

On Friday, 13 January 2023 (logical, right?!), "Greensleeves" will be released exclusively as a 300-piece limited edition on 180gr, Vinyl, inside/out printed Cover & Inlay including download code in these editions via Sunny Bastards Records / Soulfood:

100 black Vinyl
200 neongreen-black haze Vinyl!

Back in 2020, Slaughter Lamb (vocals, Hellgreaser) had the idea for this very special release - conceived as a bow to the scene, conceived as a monument to danceable music. This split is a cheer for exuberance and cohesion even in dark times. Because when everything else goes to shit, the scene just celebrates itself and we celebrate each other!

Standard, that should be clear in view of the protagonists, is not an option, a split with two new songs each definitely not a novelty. We take reciprocity seriously and therefore the motto is:

The Crimson Ghosts cover Hellgreaser – Hellgreaser cover The Crimson Ghosts.

Not enough? No problem: As the icing on top of the cake, both bands have joined forces as HELLGHOSTS to cast the traditional English song "Greensleeves" into a horror-punk anthem - including a vocal duet by Slaughter Lamb (Hellgreaser) and Vlad (The Crimson Ghosts).

While The Crimson Ghosts give the Hellgreaser songs "Mother of them all" and "Frozen Heart" a proper metal edge, Hellgreaser clearly wave the punk rock flag in the Ghosts hits "Nightbreed" and "Don't Follow".

Celebrate yourselves, celebrate us, celebrate with us!

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Sunny Bastards Shop Sunny Bastards Shop Buy Tickets Essen Hellgreaser Hyms T-Shirt


New Hellgreaser Song "Tragedy" on Horrorpunks Not Dead Vol.2 Sampler!

New Hellgreaser Song on Horrorpunks Not Dead Vol.2 Sampler

On April 28, 2023 the demo version of our new song "Tragedy" will be released on the "Horrorpunks not dead 2" sampler via We are Horror Records (UK).
The sampler will be released as a double CD and digitally and contains 50 tracks of the world's best horrorpunk bands. To pre-order the sampler click on the cover:

Horrorpunks not Dead Vol2 Cover

Horrorpunk’s Not Dead! Vol. 2

FULL album tracklisting:

** Previously Unreleased

Disc One

1. Intro
2. The Other – Demon Eyes
3. Tomb of Nick Cage – The Beyond **
4. Die Ghost – Hallows Eve **
5. Hellgreaser – Tragedy (Demo) **
6. Screaming Dead – Night Creatures
7. The Graveyard Boulevard – Science! Beware! **
8. ENERGY – The Witching Hour
9. Surfistas No Muertos – Crypt Surf Cult
10. Grave Corps – The Long Night
11. Damned by the Night – Red Death **
12. Doomsdale High – To the Metropol! **
13. The Returners – Flatline **
14. Rise From Your Grave – Where Darkness Sleeps **
15. The Spauldings – Creature of the Night
16. Johnny B. Morbid – Blast Off **
17. The Haunting – Slash/Slash
18. RatBatSpider – We Are The Horror
19. The Crimson Ghost – Lost in the Dark
20. The Deathtones – Live till We’re Dead **
21. Pandemonium Carnival – Love After Death
22. Americas Most Haunted – Sign of the Wolf
23. Thee Revenants – It’s Halloween **
24. The Writhers – The Greasy Strangler
25. The Texas Horrors – Grandpa’s Off His Rocker **
26. Rotunda – Dawn of the Dead

Disc Two

1. Intro
2. The Crimson Ghosts – On a Succubic Night
3. Left Hand Black – Holding Death’s Hand
4. Stormtroopers of Love – Wrecking On the Dance floor **
5. Mutant Reavers – The Terminators (1984) **
6. Zombina and the Skeletones – (All I Wanna Do is) Decompose (with You)
7. Beneath The Cellar – Flesh **
8. Skullfuck Maniacs – Resurrected **
9. Coffin Carousel – March of the Dead
10. Every Body Dies – Curse of the Demon **
11. Von Boldt – Cemetery Party **
12. Molly Fancher – Victim of Psycho
13. Pretty With the Lights Out – The Best Revenge is Living Hell
14. Drollery – La Rave De Los Muertos **
15. Graveyard Smash – Evil Ed
16. Hateseeker – Let’s Talk About Death
17. The Panic Broadcast – I, Monster **
18. A Living Hell – Nothing But a Memory
19. The Creepy Crawlers – Feed the Wolves **
20. Nefarious Creatures – One Bite
21. 84 Tapes – The Ritual **
22. Lesbian Bed Death – Bring Out Your Dead
23. Plague IX – EAT **
24. The Bloodthirsters – Ghouls **
25. Horror Inc – Creatures of the Night
26. Send More Paramedics – Human Capital

Horrorpunk’s Not Dead!, Vol. 2 is available on Bandcamp, and CD through We Are Horror Records. Available to stream everywhere on April 28th!


Follow Hellgreaser on Bandbond

Follow Hellgreaser on Bandbond

We now have a profile on Bandbond with Hellgreaser. Bandbond is a new platform for (punk) rock and metal bands and combines social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and Bandbond posts from Hellgreaser on our profile. There you always have all the news in one app, without ads and paid posts. If we've piqued your interest, check out the Bandbond app and follow us there! You will also find many more of your favorite bands there.
Here's what the Bandbond creators have to say about the app:
"So… Why Bandbond?
Bandbond comes from the metal community. We believe that the relationship between a band and its fans is something unique. It’s NOT ok for bands to be charged huge amounts of money by social media companies to be able to communicate with those who actually want to get your posts!
Example: A Facebook post without excessive sponsoring reaches about 5% of your followers. On Bandbond you reach ALL of your followers for free.
The metal community is strong because we have always found a way. When mainstream media wouldn’t write about us or play us on the radio - we started our own fanzines, magazines and radio stations. We believe that Bandbond is a part of this tradition."