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Hellgreaser - Symphonies of Horror - Reviews

Hellgreaser - New Album

On June 4, 2021 we released our best-of album Symphonies of Horror - Ten years of Hellgreaser.

We got cool reviews for the album from magazines, YouTubers and blogs like Rock Hard, Sonic Seducer, Legacy, Virus, Krachmucker TV, Goreminister etc.

Watch and read them here (most reviews are in german language):

Video Reviews on YouTube:

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Music Magazine and Blog Reviews:

Rock Hard:
“Hellgreaser are giving their fans a gift for their ten-year anniversary with a compilation
that offers a splendid overview of what has been done so far“

Virus Magazine:
“Horror fans get what they want!“

Legacy - The Voice from the Underground:
“The songs are catchy, the singalongs are captivating and the obligatory influences from Gothic and Sixties are integrated in a harmonious and varied way. With Slaughter Lamb the band has a charismatic singer who can make Hellgreaser sound a little rougher and more unpolished“.

“the result is a compilation, that combines superb horror punk rock with lots of sing-along parts,
great catchy tunes and a gloomy mood that is also popular in Gothic.
Nevertheless - or perhaps because of it - the best-of is a lot of fun.“

“The whole thing is very melodic and is crowned by the very casual voice and many ooooh-oooohs.
You can not go wrong.“

“The "WhooooOoohh-" chorales and backings awake the undead and convey a clear message:
Even in the darkness of being human, human beings find beauty.“

“Hellgreaser convince with simple structures, beautiful melodies and a gloomy mood,
socially critical lyrics, memorable melodies and a lot of singalong parts. All of that embedded in a horror theme.“

“Hellgreaser squint here and there beyond the usual genre boundaries, ensure a familiar, but nonetheless
unique sound and cut a good figure at the same time.“

“This is horror punk on a really high level, which by no means has to hide from big bands."

"As usual with punk rock, the focus here is not on musical innovation, but on creating rousing songs
where you can dance pogo or simply let a few beers slosh over your liver."

"How should you characterize Hellgreaser's music for people who don't know the band yet? So first of all: you really missed something in the last 10 years. And secondly: That's not bad, because with “Symphonies Of Horror” a wonderful introduction is paved for you. You get a mixture of punk rock ala The Offspring, goth rock like the 69eyes and horror punk like we know it from Wednesday 13 on your plate."

Die Psychocouch:
"Guys, Gurls and Ghouls: „Symphonies Of Horror (10 Years Of Hellgreaser)“ should not be lacking in any fiendish record collection."