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Germany’s HELLGREASER is one of those rare punk-rock bands that make it to the surface of their scene-tradition and go beyond. Originally dubbed as a dark rooted Punk-Rock act, HELLGREASER proves that they have far more to offer than detuned guitars, and average knock-off songs. Expect catchy melodies, intelligent arrangements, intensity and originality. As rare as the singers excellent voice, is the ability that HELLGREASER can combine so many different styles successfully, track after track. Dress up in black, open a bottle of beer, and sing along with HELLGREASER!

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See Hellgreaser live at a location near you. We're looking forward to plaing these following shows.


Polybius Festival

Kumhausen (DE)

Played Gigs:

July 03, 2021: Essen - Viehofer Platz
June 12, 2021: Gelsenkirchen - Timewarp Records / Record Store Day

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Listen to all of our albums and to our new EP "Back Fron The Dead" by using the Bandcamp players on this site.

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Besides playing our music directly on our website you can also stream everything in its entirety at Bandcamp, Apple Music or Spotify.

If you're a friend of physical copies you might look forward to getting our new album after its release. Stay tuned, get greased!.

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If you want to grab some merch, digital or physical coppies of our music or just want to look around head over to our Bandcamp site to see what's in stock.

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Contact and Booking

c/o Patric Kordel
Auf der Prinz 127
44791 Bochum

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