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Follow Hellgreaser on Bandbond

We now have a profile on Bandbond with Hellgreaser. Bandbond is a new platform for (punk) rock and metal bands and combines social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and Bandbond posts from Hellgreaser on our profile. There you always have all the news in one app, without ads and paid posts. If we've piqued your interest, check out the Bandbond app and follow us there! You will also find many more of your favorite bands there.
Here's what the Bandbond creators have to say about the app:
"So… Why Bandbond?
Bandbond comes from the metal community. We believe that the relationship between a band and its fans is something unique. It’s NOT ok for bands to be charged huge amounts of money by social media companies to be able to communicate with those who actually want to get your posts!
Example: A Facebook post without excessive sponsoring reaches about 5% of your followers. On Bandbond you reach ALL of your followers for free.
The metal community is strong because we have always found a way. When mainstream media wouldn’t write about us or play us on the radio - we started our own fanzines, magazines and radio stations. We believe that Bandbond is a part of this tradition."